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Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine

  • Adjustment of 360 Degree

  • 160 Piece/Min

  • Can Be Choose

  • Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

  • 1-5color Optional

  • Both Can Be Optional

  • CZXY-1200*2800

  • Satellite

  • Printing,Slotting and Cutting

  • One Year

  • Schneider

  • Plastic Film, Container

  • customized as customer need

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 10sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Pizza box flexo printing slotting die cutting packing machine

Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine

I . Use and performance
1. Computer control can be used to store orders, change orders faster, more convenient operation.
2. PLC, touch screen control, system reliability, low failure rate, easy to understand, easy to operate.
3. All transmission rollers are made of high quality steel, hard chromium plating, surface grinding and dynamic balance.
4. Oil automatic balancing device to keep the unit oil at the same level.
5. The main transmission gear is made of alloy steel (40Cr), which is made of hardened and tempered gear. The precision is 6. The planetary wheel is made of carburizing alloy steel, and the hardness is 58-62.
6. All gaps are adjusted using self locking mechanism to make the adjustment more efficient, convenient, accurate and reliable.

1 Machine size MM 1200X2800
2 Max paper size MM 1200X2600(Continuous paper)
3 Min paper size MM 400*600
4 Max printing area MM 1200X2400
Max slotting area MM 1200X2400
Min slotting size MM 380
5 Min die cutting size MM 380
6 Max die cutting area MM 1200X2400
7 Printng roller and die cutter roller traverse MM 10 both left and right
8 anilox roll manual adjustment upper and lower MM 0~11
9 Lower printing roll manual adjustment upper and lower MM 0~11
10 Rubber roller automatic traverse MM 20 both left and right
11 Printing roller, rotary die cutting roller, rubber roller body ratation degree 360
12 Economic speed P/min 120
13 Feeding rubber roller Φ 156
14 Printing roller diameter Φ 410(include printing plate)
15 Wall of machine HT200 50MMthickness
16 Driving gear 20GrMnTi Hardness 60, fine grinding, transmission gear thickness 50mm
17 Paper feeding precision ±1.0mm
18 Die cutting precision ±1.0mm
19 Main motor power 15KW
20 Production power 26KW
21 Total power 33KW

  1. Leading edge feeding paper system, simple operation, high precision. Gear of gear box adopts the same grade material with vehicle transmission.
  2. The 7.5kw high pressure centrifugal fan, can control wind pressure with frequency conversion according to the cardboard warp degree, ensure the warp and thin cardboard transmit fast and accurately.
  3. About side clapboard position is drived by lead screw electric adjustment.
  4. In front clapboard upper and lower gap position, synchronization regulation is optional.
  5. With the paper-feeding partition device, you can choose partition feeding paper according to need, to guarantee larger specification cardboard can also be processed.
  6. Slotting department is loaded with interconnection controlling switch, which can realize sudden stop, stop feeding or return feeding.
  1. The phase is 360°adjusted by electric wheel planetary, keyless connection
    Foot switch is installed, and convenient to load and unload.
  2. The plate roller axial can be adjusted position by electrically and manually, move range:0-10mm.
  3. Good quality metal anilox roller manufactured by professional factory.
  4. Drum-type rubber roller manufactured by professional factory ensures the quality of ink distribution.
  5. Pneumatic circular ink-supplying system.
  6. Optional for ceramic anilox roller.
  7. Max printing area:1200*2600mm
  8. Whole plate hang plate, suitable for standard plate strips.
  1. With pre-creasing wheels for prevent the cardboard rupture while creasing.
  2. Single axis dual blade slot, four blade increase simultaneously the case height.
  3. The phase of slotting unit adopts electric digital input type 360°adjust, also can be adjusted while the machine running or stop.(PLC and touch screen adjustment is optional)
  4. Slotting tool apron and creasing wheel horizontal moving adopts electric synchronous adjustment.
  5. Creasing space and blade roller space adjustment adopts self-lock structure.
  6. The case height adjustment has an anticollision device for slotting blade, will not destroy the machine.
  7. An anticollision device is used while slotting tool apron horizontal moving.
  8. The width of slotting blade is 7mm, adopts alloy steel material and after heat treatment and grinded, gear slotting knife, douple-piece type cutting knife, sharp edge, and high precision.
D ie-cutting
  1. Youli cushion imported from Taiwan.
  2. Double-warm abrasive belt cushion correction facility.
  3. Cushion axial floating automatically to improve the utilization rate of cushion.The range of floating is 0-20mm(from middle to left or right)
  4. Speed difference self-compensating function.
  5. The axial adjustment of platen roller is electric/manual, range:0-20mm(left to right )
  6. Die-cutting phase is adjusted by electric planet gears, keyless junction.

Stacking unit (optional)
Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine

1, the choice of manual or operation.

2 bed units lift driven by strong chain.

3, the stack height is 1600mm.

4, flat wrinkles climbing belt, to prevent the cardboard decline.

5, when the pressure action bin baffle stacked in cardboard tray connected to the book highly extendable, hold the cardboard.

Six gear transmission

1), smooth operation, low noise, hardness HRC50-55, long life, wear a small, long-term guarantee the accuracy of printed chromatic unchanged.

2), the phase gear using 45 steel, quenched and tempered, high-frequency hardening, hobbing finishing, hardness HRC50-55.

7, lubrication

1), each unit with gear pump oil to achieve circular spray lubrication.

2), with the storage tank

Eight, the main technical parameters

1, the machine maximum mechanical speed: 100 (pcs / min)

2, the maximum feed size: 1250mm × 2400mm

3, the minimum feed size: 350mm (full version) × 800mm

4, the maximum printing area: 1250mm × 2400mm

5, the standard plate thickness: 4mm or 6mm

6, the printing precision: ≤ ± 0.75mm (four-color)

Machine more details:
Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine

Carton box pictures:
Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine

Customer Visit:

Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine
Factory Manufacture Process:

Pizza Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Packing Machine

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