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High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine

  • Shun Stick Folder Gluer

  • Automatic High-Speed Folder Gluer

  • Electric

  • Film

  • Frequency Control of Motor

  • 0-130m/Min.

  • Electric Adjustment

  • 8-25 Pic

  • 2-8mm

  • PLC

  • Engineers Are Available Service Abroad.

  • 2400/2600/2800mm

  • 6ton

  • Computer Digital Adjustment

  • 3/5ply Corrugated Board

  • Standard Abroad Packaging, Container

  • computer conrol

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 10sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

High speed good quality corrugated box forming machine
High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine

High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine

I.Introduction and Configuration:

The full automatic folder gluer is mainly developed and produced for the hand paste box forming business. Nowadays, there are the largest number of employees in the enterprise, occupying a large area and having low efficiency. In particular, the problem of poor adhesiveness, overflowing glue, and poor adhesion of corrugated cartons in the domestic market is endless. For this reason, our company has developed an automatic glue box machine, which saves a lot of labor and saves three times the cost. Paste boxes standard, do not overflow, really small investment, save production space, achieve benefits, quality double harvest. It is preferred by the color printing press, printing press, and other types of carton packaging companies.

II.Features of automatic folding gluing machine:
The whole machine adopts PLC computer programming controller, digital operation, touch screen input data can realize non-stop change data, production speed, etc. The whole machine automatically feeds paper, automatically folds, automatically counts, folding speed can reach 100-130 m/min.

III.Main structure:
1, automatic paper feeding
2, automatic glue coating
3, automatic folding
4, automatic stacking, counting and output
5, electrical parts

IV. Main features and characteristics of each part
1.automatic paper feeding part
1) Adopt imported high-tech materials suction belt, suction feeding paper, stacking automatically enter to ensure smooth and high speed paper feeding.
  1. The use of high-grade electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brake systems enable the paper feeding section to be single-sheet or continuous operation, effectively controlling the waste of the cardboard in the specification adjustment and the accuracy of the output paperboard.
2.Automatic folding gluing part
  1. The folding section adopt imported seamless connecting conveyor belts made of high-friction, ultra-abrasive and special materials. The frequency conversion speed control can be controlled independently, and the automatic folding of the cardboard can be completed accurately.
  2. Coating width 20-25mm, bottom coating method.
  3. According to the box-shaped, glue box can be moved around, glue evenly, the amount of glue is stable, save glue and high efficient.
  4. The folding section is equipped with three pressure line correcting devices to accurately and effectively correct the deviation of the cardboard pit line, so that the entire carton can be folded with the most accurate, and the occurrence of the scissors mouth can be well controlled.
3.Automatic Stacking, Counting and output Unit

1)Stacking flapping can adjust the carton's fish marks.
2)Select the corresponding amount of accumulation on the display screen, set the number of counts out of the stack, you can choose 15, 20, 25 sheets.

High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine
High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine

VI.Full automatic folding gluing machine model and parameter:
  1. This machine is suitable for three-layer, five-layer single piece carton adhesive.
  2. Main technical parameter:
Model SF-2400 SF-2600 SF-2800
Max.cardboard size 1000×2300mm 1100×2600mm 1200×2800mm
Min.cardboard size 280×730mm 280×730mm 280×730mm
Install area 3500×15500mm 3800×15500mm 4000×15500mm
power 10.5kw 10.5kw 10.5kw

VII.Core Technology
  1. Suction feeding accuracy
  2. Secondary creasing makes the crease more accurate
  3. The size of the mouth is well controlled and the waste is reduced.
  4. Secondary correction, eliminate scissors.
  5. Accurate counting.
  6. Carton forming speed quickly.
  7. Beating part makes the carton forming well.
  8. Stacking accurate and neat.

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High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine

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High Speed Good Quality Corrugated Box Forming Machine

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