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High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery

  • Shun Stick Folder Gluer

  • Automatic High-Speed Folder Gluer

  • Electric

  • Film

  • Taiwan Technology

  • 1100X2600

  • 280X730

  • 100-130 M/Min

  • Imported Brand

  • PLC

  • Optional

  • Plastic Film Wrapping Outside, Container

  • CZXY-2600

  • CZXY

  • Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

  • 8441809000

  • 5-10sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

High speed corrugated box automatic stitching folding gluing machinery
High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery

High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery
High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery
High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery

Automatic glue and stitch machine
Automatic nail box machine features:
The automatic nail box machine is composed of a high-friction belt feeding paper and a nail-stacking part. Digital display control, PLC computer amplitude modulation, double frequency conversion synchronous operation, simple, reliable and accurate operation mode, automatic paper feeding, automatic nail folding, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, high-speed energy saving, saving labor costs.

*Automatic nail box machine function introduction

1, the paper feeding department& the folding section:

It adopts the belt leading edge suction paper feeding method, which is accurate and reliable.
Using high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, the paper feeding part can be controlled separately, and the operation is simple and reliable.
The height of the platen roller is adjustable, suitable for the thickness of the cardboard is 2-8mm.
Linkage with the folding section, frequency control.
The front bezel and paper feed belt of the paper feed section are adjustable left and right.

3, nailing department

Imported dual servo drive, accurate accuracy, reduced mechanical transmission, and effective mechanical failure rate.
With touch screen operation, the parameters (nail pitch, number of nails, nail type, back panel) are easy to change.
The entire control system uses the Omron PLC control system.
All switches in the control box are produced by Shilin, Taiwan.
Bottom mold, the blade is made of German tungsten steel (wearable).
The entire nail head is made of special steel and precision machined.
The switches and buttons are all produced in Taiwan Tiande.
One-minute change size, easy to operate without experience, can be nailed single nails, double nails, and reinforced nails.
The paper feeding section automatically counts and automatically sends out after bunching, which is convenient for bundling.
The nail distance can reach 100mm, which is displayed and set in the display. It can be nailed to the covered box and the uncovered box.
The thickness of the cardboard can be adjusted directly.
Carton applied area:

A min 200mm,max 900mm
B min 200mm ,max 400mm

max length(A+B)*2 2600mm
min length(A+B)*2 800mm
max width(C+D+C) 1200mm
min width(C+D+C) 300mm

4, correction stack paper output

Sticking box machine manual and configuration sheet
First, the front paper feed
1 Welding with steel plate.
The 2 axes are welded with seamless steel tubes with a wall thickness of 20 mm.
3 Feed paper by high pressure fan to ensure smooth paper feeding.
4 middle glue and fold
5 glue is automatically glued. [Pneumatic rubber]
6 The folding part is pressed by the pre-pressing wheel and the forming wheel. The secondary reinforcing cardboard is pressed, the position is accurate, and the cardboard is not broken, so that the crease is beautiful.
7 flat belts are pressed, bent, and smoothly conveyed.
8 Lateral movement electric walk, combined with motor and linear bearing, can reduce friction.
9 Calibration and Paper Feeding Department
10 uses the cylinder to push out the finished product.
11 correction uses bearing eccentricity and stepless differential to correct the deviation, the folding is more beautiful. 12 The horizontal direction of the paper-cutting section can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the correction section can reduce the carton error.
13 The finished carton is automatically counted, neatly shaped, and after the quasi-code output, the carton is smoothly sent out of the nip, and can be packed after being pushed out.
Second, the bonding range
1 This machine is suitable for bonding three-layer and five-layer single-piece cartons.
2. Bonding range 730-2600mm long, 300-1200mm wide, economic speed 100-130m per minute.
Third, the core technology
1, the suction paper is accurate
2, secondary indentation, making the crease more accurate
3, the size of the mouth is well controlled, reducing waste
4, secondary correction, eliminate the scissors mouth
5, accurate counting
6, the carton forming speed is fast
7, the beat part makes the carton shape
8, the pile is accurate and tidy
Fourth, the use of mechanical life
1. The whole conveyor belt is guaranteed for 1 year. [including breaks]
2, the machine motor warranty for 1 year. [Change at any time]
3, the whole machine lifetime warranty.
Fives. Motor configuration
1. The motor adopts the products of Shanghai Oute Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.
2. The high pressure fan adopts the products of Taiwan Shenghong Motor Co., Ltd.
3, stepless speed regulation time device, Shanghai Zhangmu.
4. Electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake adopt Shanghai Yande Transmission Co., Ltd.
5. The whole conveyor belt adopts the German brand [West Green].
6, the total power: 10KW

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High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery

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High Speed Corrugated Box Automatic Stitching Folding Gluing Machinery

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