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Gyk-A1270X2800 High-Speed Four-Color Printing Slotted Round Die-Cutting Machine

  • 220V/380V/440V

  • 7500*3000*2200mm

  • 1, .5t

  • 30 Days

  • Chain Paper Pushing

  • 45#Alloy Steel

  • Optional

  • Domestic and Abroad Famous Brand

  • 360 Degree Electrical Adjust

  • 1_5color Optional

  • Plastic Film, Container

  • Wall thickness: 50mm

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 15sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request


High-speed four-color printing slotted round die-cutting machine
Product configuration

Gyk-A1270X2800 High-Speed Four-Color Printing Slotted Round Die-Cutting Machine

Machine performance
The whole appliance adopts brand electrical appliances.
The machine transmission gear 40Gr by quenching, shaving treatment.
All shafts are chrome-plated to enhance the surface hardness.
Gear adopts circulating spray lubrication transmission.
The host adopts frequency conversion control.
module design, multicolor printing unit any combination.

1. Paper feed unit
1.1 using the leading edge of the paper feeding system. (Optional light pressure, or pressure-free front feed mechanism)
1.1.1 Three-axis leading edge feed, increase the fan flow, to maintain high-speed, low-speed feeding accurate, minimum feed width 350mm.
1.1.2 Divide into 4 sections to adjust airflow and pressure to match the cardboard size.
1.1.3 Positioning by the front bezel to reduce the paper feed error, improve paper feeding, printing and die cutting accuracy.
1.1.4 around the baffle electric control.
1.1.5 rear tray cardboard electric control.
1.1.6 front paperboard gap manual adjustment.
1.1.7 with a continuous and separated sheet feeding function. (According to the need to choose continuous or separated sheets of paper).
1.2 feed on the next roll
1.2.1 on the roll; outer diameter of 155mm steel pipe surface wear rubber, balanced correction
1.2.2 under the roll: diameter 155mm paper roll surface embossed plated hard.
1.2.3 feed pressure roller adjustment gap manually adjust the adjustment range 0-12mm.
1.2.4 Pressure roller power transmission Rolling cross-coupling drive to reduce wear make the transmission more balanced.
1.3 machine clutch, with siren, continuous bell warning when traveling, to ensure the safety of the operator.
1.3.1 walking axle with friction clutch, to avoid misuse and damage to the machine.
1.3.2 The host motor is equipped with a protective device (the machine is not locked, the host can not be started).
1.3.3 feed unit electric automatic zero.
1.3.4 Ordinary carton using automatic zero device, try printing 1 to 2 cardboard can be adjusted to the correct location, reduce cardboard waste.

2. Printing unit
2.1 printing roller
2.1.1 The outer diameter of 395.6mm (including the plate diameter of 410mm).
2.1.2 for high-quality steel, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
2.1.3 reel hanging version, using locking devices on both sides so that the linked version of the more accurate.
2.1.4 full version of the linked version of the ditch, for 9mm linked version of the article.
2.1.5 loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric control positive and negative.
2.2 printing pressure roller
2.2.1 The outer diameter is 155mm
2.2.2 steel surface grinding, hard chrome plated.
2.2.3 pressure roller gap manually adjust the adjustment range 0-12mm.
2.3 Metal Anilox Roller (according to customer demand customized mesh number) (high and 250 mesh optional ceramic anilox roller)
2.3.1 The outer diameter is 215mm.
2.3.2 steel surface using advanced chrome plating process, hard, smooth wear-resistant.
2.3.3 outlets the same ink evenly.
2.3.4 to extend the plate and rubber roller life.
2.3.5 Anilox gap manually adjust the adjustment range 0-12mm.
2.4 uniform ink roller, wrapped wear-resistant rubber, roller parabolic high in order to compensate the force deformation, improve ink transfer effect. Rubber for the NBR rubber, Shore hardness of 60 degrees or more, the Mexican effect of a special polished pass ink. Cots in the host downtime motor motor driven, stop non-stop ink automatically even ink.
2.4.1 The outer diameter is 205mm.
2.4.2 rubber roller gap manually adjust the adjustment range 0-12mm.
2.5 phase adjustment mechanism
2.5.1 planetary gear structure.
2.5.2 Printing phase Using computer and electric digital control 360 degrees adjustment (operation, stop can be adjusted.)
2.5.3 The horizontal phase of the printing roller is manually adjusted, the adjustment range is ± 5mm.
2.5.4 The printing roller adopts the electric adjusting phase, zeroing and adjusting the printing plate fast, adjusting the printing plate with high accuracy.
2.6 Feed roller
2.6.1 feed roller, the outer diameter of 86mm, high-quality hard chrome plated with four guide rollers diameter of 125mm.
2.6.2 Feeding roller, outer diameter of 155mm, paper guide chrome hard chrome.
2.6.3 guide roller gap manually adjust the adjustment range 0-12mm,
2.7 Ink circulation structure
2.7.1 pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink stability, easy operation and maintenance.
2.7.2 ink filter, filter impurities.
2.8 printing roller fixing device
2.8.1 pneumatic brake mechanism, when the unit to adjust the phase separation or cleaning, the brake mechanism to limit the gear rotation, maintaining the original gear position fixed point.
2.8.2 Pressure roller power transmission Rolling cross-coupling drive to reduce wear make the transmission more stable.

3. Slotted part
3.1 on the shaft diameter φ156mm, under the shaft diameter φ156mm, polished hard chrome plated surface, balance correction, stable operation.
3.2 pressure roller gap manually adjust the dial display adjustment data.
3.3 Slotted knife width 7mm. Alloy steel material.
3.4 Grooving knife gap Worm gear box adjustment, dial display, adjustment range 0-10 mm.
3.5 slotted phase adjustment using planetary gear structure.
3.6 slotted phase phase controller with digital 360-degree adjustment (operation, stop can be adjusted).
3.7 manual synchronization adjustment box high.
3.8 pressure line up and down roller diameter φ110 mm, the use of high-quality thick-walled seamless steel tubes, hard chrome plated surface and computer balancing correction. Pressure roller diameter ф176.

4 round pressure die cutting
4.1 pad roller diameter φ388.9mm.
4.1.1 rubber roller for the high-quality steel, the surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
4.1.2 pad thickness 8mm, width 250mm.
4.1.3 pad roller and die roller gap adjustment using manual adjustment, adjustment range 0-16mm.
4.1.4 pad roller automatic compensation structure, automatic control roller pad speed.
4.1.5 pad roller trim flat structure, keep the pad roll formation.
4.1.6 pad roller 1: 900 machine crankshaft rotation for 30mm swimming horizontal structure.
4.2 knife mold roll φ360mm.
4.2.1 knife mold roller for high-quality steel, the surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
4.2.2 dynamic balance correction, increase operational stability.
4.2.3 knife mold fixed screw hole spacing, horizontal 100mm, radial 12 equally divided, screw hole M10.
4.2.4 Applicable crimp height 22.60mm.
4.2.5 Wood template thickness 13mm, blade height 25.4mm.
4.2.6 knife mold roller horizontal adjustment by hand, adjust the range of ± 10mm
4.3 die-cutting phase adjustment mechanism planetary gear structure.
4.3.1 die-cutting phase using computer and electric digital control 360 degrees adjustment (running, stop can be adjusted).
4.4 Manually adjust the pressure roller gap, adjust the range of 1-12mm, using the cross slide body, adjust the gear to ensure the correct state of engagement forever.
4.5 at the end of the cutter plate with excellent international brand power pads.

5. The main technical parameters
Model: 1270x2800
Maximum mechanical speed: 120 sheets / minute
Maximum paper size: 1200mmx2600mm
Minimum feeding size: 400mmx600mm
Separated sheet size: 1600mmx2600mm
The largest printing area: 1150mmx2400mm
Wall thickness: 50mm
Feeding accuracy: ± 1.0mm
From the first printing to the last set of printing overprint accuracy: ± 1mm
Die-cutting accuracy: ± 1mm
Main motor power: 15KW
Production power: 26KW
Total power: 33KW
Supply current: 200A
6. Description of the main parts of origin
Name of origin, brand
1, bearing money Chao Wanxiang, Wafangdian
2, AC contactor, thermal relay Chint
3, free key ring sun
4, pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump Yangtze River
5, inverter general knowledge
6, pneumatic solenoid valve Zhengtai
7, pneumatic cylinder CHINT
8 , metal roller Dalian Junfeng
9 , printing rubber roller Hebei Xintai
10, tool imports
11, excellent plastic super resistance, Le Di card
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