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Full Automatic The Xltc-1020 Window Patching Machine

  • Automatic

  • ISO, CE, UL, ISO9001, TUV, GMP

  • 2650kg

  • Length*Width*Height 5000*1960*1750mm

  • 380V 50Hz

  • 220V AC 24V DC

  • 9.0kw

  • ±1Hz ±10%V

  • Commodity, Machinery & Hardware, Textile, Alcohol and Tobacco, Toy, Chemical, Apparel, Gifts & Arts, Dining, Medical, Food

  • Electric

  • Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

  • Paper Packaging Equipment

  • Standard Aboard Oacking Containers

  • computer contro

  • CZXY

  • Hebei China

  • 8441809000

  • 10sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

CZXY-1020 window patching machine

Full Automatic The Xltc-1020 Window Patching Machine

functional characteristics
The XLTC-1020 window applicator is suitable for film reinforcement of paper products such as cell phone boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, napkin boxes, cosmetics boxes, children's toy boxes, clothing boxes, milk boxes, greeting cards, etc. with window or windowless packaging. . Adaptable paper jam 200-500g/m2, suitable for kraft paper 250g/m2, this product realizes automatic paperboard gluing, film lamination, film opening (optional), and finishing functions after the die-cutting pasting/box. .
I size and weight
Machine weight: 2650kg
Machine dimensions: (Length × width × height) 5000 × 1960 (3200) × 1750mm
Note: 3200mm is the width dimension required to remove the upper roller when cleaning the surface of glue roller
II Power Specifications
Total power supply: Three-phase four-wire system 380V 50Hz
Control power supply: Single phase 220V AC 24V DC
Power supply deviation: ±1Hz ±10%V
Installed capacity: 9.0 KW
III Performance Specifications
When single-pass
Maximum paper delivery: 1080×630mm
Minimum paper feeding: 140×140mm
The largest patch: 410×300mm
Minimum patch: 80×60mm
Diaphragm thickness: 0.05-0.20mm
Maximum working speed: 6000s/h (4000s/h when kraft paper is applied)
Adapt to paper jam: 200-500g/m2
Adapt to corrugated: 7.0mm
The maximum allowable film roll diameter: φ500mm Paper core diameter: φ76mm
Whether the maximum working speed can be achieved depends on the type of window material, the thickness of the window material, the degree of deformation warping of the window material, the complexity of the window paper product, the accuracy requirements of the window paper product, and the operator The level of professional skills and proficiency.
IV. Technical Features and Configuration
1. The whole machine is controlled by low voltage electrical equipment. The use of an independent transformer (the machine itself comes with no extra), the parts running absolutely stable and reliable.
2. The whole machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) man-machine interface control.
3. Built-in input multi-function program, can be programmed at any time for additional functions, conversion, operation check is very convenient.
4. The servo system is used for paper feeding to achieve stable, accurate and accurate high-speed, infeed feed.
5. Low-voltage electrical components are Omron and Schneider products.
6. PLC programmable controllers, frequency converters, sensors, and encoders all use Taiwan products (high-speed pulses) to ensure high-quality mechanical performance.
7. The host motor servo motor adopts foreign famous brand-Tongyuan.
8. The human-machine interface adopts Hitech series and can adapt to most working environments.
9. Drive belts and chains are made of well-known brands at home and abroad. Stable and durable, providing quality protection in quality.
10. Bearings are all adopted by Japan NSK and domestic famous brands.
11. Non-toxic products are used in contact with paper materials and meet the hygiene and safety standards.
12. The rubber roller motor uses joint venture products and the inverter is controlled separately.
13. The suction table adopts the import system to independently control the lift to achieve no misprint, and the air chamber is punched with non-adhesive.
14. The whole machine frame wallboard uses the overall design structure. During the operation of the whole machine, especially during high-speed operation, resonance, deformation, and jitter will not occur.
15. The length of the servo process is adjustable, the performance is stable, the accuracy is accurate, and the operation is more convenient.
16. The whole machine adopts unique humanized design. Programmable logic controller (PLC), man-machine interface photoelectric tracking, centralized control security alarm, data recording, automatic optimization operation from feeding, conveying, filming, film feeding, film breaking, and finishing.
a. Paper-feeding unit: It adopts independent servo system control to achieve precise and stable working status at jogging and high speed.
b. Delivery Department: The squeegee wheel smoothly transports the paper, pushes the designated position, and has no indentation or scratch.
c. Glue part: Adopt independent gear motor, frequency converter control and host to achieve stop without stopping glue, glue amount is adjustable, the size of hanging glue is adjustable, the position adjustment of plastic sheet is fine and convenient, rubber washing can be pulled out and automatically cut off Electricity.
d. printed plastic parts: the use of light roller, reduce operating costs, surface stainless steel material and a net pattern, making plate positioning accurate and convenient, left and right and 360 ° adjustable.
e. Foil Department: Using the principle of wind source, the upper and lower clearances of the roller can be adjusted to match the work of the air chamber, and the requirements for thin and solid paper bonding can be achieved with ease.
f. to the membrane: controlled by the servo motor. Each roll film is transported in combination and has no scratches on the film. It is easy to adjust the size and accurate the film breakage.
g. Finishing department: It can transport the film products neatly and steadily to achieve intermittent press-fitting.

V. Electrical configuration
1. Low voltage electrical part:
Serial number Code Name Specification model Quantity
1 KA1,2
Relays MY2NJ DC24 5A 6 OMROM
2 QF2.1
Circuit Breaker GV2-ME08C 2.5-4A 2 Schneider
3 QF3 Circuit Breaker GV2-ME14C 9-14 1 Schneider
4 QF4 Circuit Breaker C65N 3P 16A 2 Schneider
5 QF5 Circuit Breaker C65N 2P 6A 2 Schneider
6 KM2 AC Contactor LC1-D2510M7N 1 Schneider
7 SB3
Jog button ZB2BA2+ZB101C 2 Schneider
8 SB5 Host button ZB2BA3+ZB101C 1 Schneider
9 SB10
emergency stop switch ZB2BS54+BZ101C 3 Schneider
10 Switching Power Supply S-50-24 1 Taiwan Ming Wei
11 FM Cooling Fan TA12025SL-2 AC220 2 TIANZHENG
12 cooling fan cover 6 TIANZHENG
13 HA Buzzer TBN AC220V-240V JBK5-400VA INPUT 1 TIANDE
14 TC1 Servo Transformer 380/220V 1 Three Connaught Smart
15 RP Speed Regulator 4.7 1 Large Hand Twist (Light)
16 QF0 universal transfer switch GLD11-63/04 1 Gree
17 emergency stop button box 1 HOLE 1 SENAO
18 Power Button Box 3 HOLES 1 SENAO
19 Photoelectric Switches RTR 3B/6.7 (PNP) 2 Leuze (Germany)
20 Photoelectric Switches RT 318/P100.11(PNP) 1 Leuze (Germany)
21 Proximity Switch TL-Q5MB1-Z 4 OMRON

2, inverter, PLC and servo control part:
Serial number Code
Quatity Remarks
1 VFD Inverter VFD-M 2.2KW 1 Delta
2 Inverter VFD-L 0.2KW 1 Delta
3 PLC1 Programmable Controller VB1-24MT 1 Taiwan Feng Wei
4 PLC2 Programmable Controller VBO-16SYR 1 Taiwan Feng Wei
5 SERVO Servo Driver
TSTA 30C 2 Taiwan Dongyuan
6 Servo Motor TSB13102A3NLA-1(1000RMP) 2 Taiwan Dongyuan
7 H.M.I Human-Machine Interface PWS5610TS 1 Taiwan Hitech
8 touch screen and PLC communication line P9ZF-VIGOR-JST4PCB 1 TAIWAN
9 Touch Screen and Servo Communication Line TECP-HMI-3 1 TAIWAN

3, motor configuration:

Serial number Code Name Model Quantity Remarks
1 M1 Main Motor VABPI00L-4 1 Shanghai Deqin
2 M2 Swirl Air Pump HG1100S 2 Lion Song
3 M3 Air Pump ZYBW 1 Zhenjiang Tongyou
4 M4 Roller Gear Motor 100YS200GY22 100GF6H 1 Xiamen Jingyan
5 M6 Gear Reducer Single-Phase Capacitance Motor 90YYJR40-3 90-GK-70/S 1 Sino-American Joint Venture Jia Xue
6 delivery motor M.G 1/2P 400W GV28 1:40 1 OAT

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Xiazhuang Industry Area, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China
Website: http://czxypackmachine.en.made-in-china.com
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