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Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

  • Cartons

  • Automatic

  • Paper

  • Cosmetics, Cleaning, Detergent, Drinks, Oil, Dairy Products, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Tea, Vegetable, Fruit, Fish, Meat, Snack, Rice, Flour, Seasoning

  • Outpacking, Inner Packing

  • Packaging Sealing Machine

  • Full Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine

  • Liquid

  • Standard International

  • computer contro

  • CZXY

  • Hebei Cangzhou

  • 8441809000

  • 5sets /Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Corrugated 3ply carton box crash lock bottom folder gluer mahcine

Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

I.The main uses and features of products
XLHX-1100 Automatic folder gluer machine is our company by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of similar models at domesticand abroad and user opinions, combined with our understanding of automatic folder gluer machine, innovative development of a new generation of products. The transmission structure of the machine is grouped transmission, make the machine more stable operation, we are in the design and development in a stable, durable, safe and convenient operation, humanized design concept the overall frame structure of the machine and the main structure of the left major innovation, to do safety improvement therefore, the machine performance is more stable, more safe and convenient operation. The machine is mainly used in carton packaging, carton boxes, carton products, paste boxes, paste boxes operation.
The machine realizes the automation of paper feeding, correction, folding angle gluing, lock- bottom, bottom gluing, folding, pressing, conveying and transverse conveying.

II.Main features:
1. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, the structure is simple, and the operation is convenient.
2. The working speed is as high as 150M/min, which is a high level in China.
3. The programmable controller is adopted in the electrical control, which makes the procedure of the whole machine more accurate and more convenient to adjust.
4. Equipped with photoelectric count.
5. The change of paper products adopts double side bar adjustment, which is simple, convenient and accurate.
6. Paper output belt and origami abduction adopt multi wedge imported flat belt with multi thickening and widening, to ensure continuous paper, automatic feeding paper, folding accurate and smooth.
7. The pressure transmission part is strengthened with the super wide import flat belt,smooth conveying.The pressure is adjustable up and down, the transmission pressure is ensured suitable, and the full preparation is made for further pressing.
8. The PVC belt is used for conveying pressure part, and the pressure is adjusted by the air pressure, and the sponge belt is used. The seal is specially pressed to ensure the quality of the bottom product, and the adhesive mouth is firm.

III.Machine structure and performance
1.Ppaer feeding part
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

The feeding part is made up of side gauge, front feed knife, imported flat belt, vibration motor and frequency conversion speed regulating device. The user can place the cardboard according to the actual size of paper products, and cardboard folding type. By adjusting the frequency conversion speed regulating device, the front and back feeding paper can be adjusted to meet the requirements of continuous and steady feeding.

2.Paper trimming part
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

Equipped with automatic correction device, repair the paper skew phenomenon, to ensure the accurate feeding of paper.

3.Crash lock-bottom part
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

Lock-bottom mechanism adopts the most advanced long spring rack mechanism, the use of reliable, stable performance, accurate, long life. The pressure of the lock-bottom can be adjusted by adjusting the spring force. The whole stainless steel manufacturing.

4.Gluing part

Using mechanical gluing device, high quality stainless steel and brass material are selected to ensure no rust. The gluing quantity is uniform and stable; no leakage phenomenon.

5.Folding part
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

The folding part adopts the widened and thickened import belt, and adopt the fine adjusting mechanism to adjust according to the thickness of the paper product, so as to ensure that the paper product has no bell mouth phenomenon after folding. In order to ensure the quality of folding paper products.

6.Pressing part
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment
Both the upper and lower belts adopt imported belts. Lower conveyor belt is kinetic drive, upper crimping mechanism is power transmission, and according to the thickness of the paper through the spring adjustment mechanism to adjust the crimping pressure, left and right proper pressurization to ensure the accuracy of paper products and paste position accurately.

7.Conveyor part
Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

The upper and lower press belts are all active transmission. Pneumatic downward compression is adopted. The pressure force can be adjusted by the pressure of the cylinder according to the thickness and strength of the paper (box). The upper pressing belt is additionally equipped with a sponge belt to pressurize the sticking mouth, so as to ensure the quality of the finished product.

IV.Main technical parameters:
Model 1100
Max feeding size 1100×850 mm
Applied paper type Paperboard≥250g,corrugated paper:B,E, C flute
Tota power 21Kw
Dimension 14600×1850×1500 mm
Weight 7.5T
Min feeding size 400*400 mm
Max.working speed 150m/min
Main motor power 3.7KW 2.2KW

Box Producing Process:

Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

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Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

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Automatic Bottom Glue Folder Machine/Equipment

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