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Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine

  • CE

  • Commodity, Machinery & Hardware, Chemical, Food

  • Hydraulic

  • Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

  • Automatic Carton Making Machine

  • Automatic

  • 380V/440V as Required

  • 250 Piece/Min

  • Used for Leading Edge Equipment Paper Feeding

  • 1800 mm

  • 1500 Kg

  • Hydraulic Lifting

  • Big Board and Small Board All Appliable

  • Omron

  • Automatic

  • Siemens

  • Plastic Film, Container

  • Wall thickness: 50mm

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 5sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Pre-feeder for leading edge printing machine
Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine

Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine
Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine

DXSZ-B Type Whole Hydraulic Paper Feeding Machine
Configuration and Technical Parameters
Mainly used for leading edge equipment paper feeding (such as printing machine, die cutting machine etc), with the speed of 250 sheets / min.

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and reduce waste: single-person operation, reduce the number of workers, effectively reduce the cost of labor, and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Can effectively improve the speed and improve work efficiency. Reducing the workers' contact with the board,so can reduce the damage to the board caused by manual intervention.
Stable performance: adopting two sets of hydraulic systems with mature efficiency, hydraulic cylinders are used to provide power for oblique, rising, and high and low conveying beds. The output is large and stable and durable. The conveyor belt is powered by a hydraulic motor, which occupies little space and has large torque. , Delivery uniformity.
Simple operation: buttons and touch screen man-machine graphical interface, PLC control, easy to identify convenient operation, real-time display of working status.
Ease of use: Overcoming the drawbacks of the traditional paper machine that must rely on logistics to carry. This machine adopts an effective method. As long as the hydraulic truck (carriage truck) can place the cardboard board on the lifting fork, the site has strong applicability.

The main technical parameters and performance
Max.Cardboard size:1500 X3600 mm
Cardboard stacking height:1800 mm
Maximum stacking weight:1500 Kg

Cardboard lifting method: hydraulic lifting
Fork overturn power: hydraulic drive
Horizontal conveyor bed lift power: hydraulic drive
Conveyor belt power: hydraulic motor (in order to ensure smooth delivery with independent hydraulic pump station).
Side baffles and front baffles, pneumatic alignment correction, side-shift digital adjustment.
The whole machine moves: The machine platform can move back and forth, and when the printing machine is separated, the machine platform automatically moves back.
The height of the cardboard is maintained during work, and the fork automatically pushes the cardboard up and down.
Conveyor can transfer paperboard can automatically control the start and stop according to the height of the printer's paper feeding.

Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine

Delivery Pictures:

Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine

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Pre-Feeder for Leading Edge Printing Machine



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