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Lead Edge Feeding Thin Blade Slitting Machine /Equipment

  • Mechinery&Hardware, Food, Commodity

  • High-Speed Slitting Machine

  • Flat Knife Slitting

  • Cutting Part

  • Cartons

  • Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine

  • Final Inspection

  • Paper

  • Paper

  • 25mm

  • 130mm

  • 2400mm

  • 300mm

  • 2.5-10mm

  • 7kw

  • 0-60PCS/Min

  • 3.3m*1.4m*1.5m

  • 1200kg

  • Standard Aboard Package Container

  • computer contro

  • CZXY

  • Hebei China

  • 8441809000

  • 30sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Lead Edge Feeding Thin Blade Slitting Machine /EquipmentLead edge feeding thin blade slitter scorner

Using and specification:
The thin blade slitting machine is used for the vertical processing of corrugated cardboard, and the edges of the cardboard can be trimmed and the location of the two horizontal lines can be processed. The utility model overcomes the phenomenon of rough edges and the pressing flute produced by the slitting of the traditional rear angle cutter, and the edges of the paperboard after slitting are flat and smooth, and the overall quality and appearance of the paperboard are improved, and the quality of the printing in the rear process is especially improved.

Structural features:
This machine is 4 knife 6 line leading edge feeding eight axis machine, leading edge feed paper into thin knife machine, then double glue shaft feeding, then slitting, the back of a pair of rubber axis continue to guide paper, and then pressing line output.
The pressure line shaft adopts seamless steel tube, which is processed by axle, grinding and plating. The roller is processed by seamless steel pipe hanging glue and fine grinded. Ensure smooth transportation of paperboard.
Paper feeding double rubber shaft outside diameter 110mm,guiding rubber shaft outside diameter 83mm. Pressing line wheel outside diameter 152mm.
The blade is φ122*φ200 alloy blade, durable,and ensures the cardboard after cutting smooth and no burr. The adjustable knife adopts electric adjustable knife, greatly improving efficiency.
This machine is a leading edge feed system that improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
Model 2500
Feeding system leading edge feed
Type 4 knives 6 lines
Min. Width of press line 25mm
Min.distance of slitting 130mm
Max.width of feeding paper 2400mm
Min.length of feeding paper 300mm
Max.cardboard thickness 2.5-10mm
Motor Power 7KW
Working speed 0-60pcs/min
dimension 3.3mX1.4mX1.5m
weight 1200kg

Box Producing Process:

Lead Edge Feeding Thin Blade Slitting Machine /Equipment

Customer Visit:

Lead Edge Feeding Thin Blade Slitting Machine /Equipment

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Lead Edge Feeding Thin Blade Slitting Machine /Equipment

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