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Czxy-1400 2ply-60m/Min Single Facer Corrugation Line

  • Packaging of Goods, Produce Packing Belt

  • Paper

  • Cartons

  • Electric

  • Packaging Production Line

  • Transport Packaging, Storage and Packaging, Sales Packing

  • Mildew Proof Packaging

  • Drinks, Dairy Products, Cleaning, Detergent, Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Oil, Tea, Vegetable, Fruit, Fish, Meat, Snack, Rice, Flour, Seasoning, Hair Care Products

  • Flexible Package

  • In the Packaging

  • Packing

  • Packaging of Export Products

  • 1400mm

  • 60m/Min

  • 40m/Min

  • a, B, C, E

  • Liquefid Gas Heating

  • 380V 50Hz

  • 15m*10m*15m

  • 140kw

  • 110kw

  • Standard Abroad Packaging Container

  • computer contro

  • CZXY

  • Hebei China

  • 8441809000

  • 30sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Czxy-1400 2ply-60m/Min Single Facer Corrugation Line

CZXY-1400 2ply-60m/min single facer corrugation line(liquefied gas heating)

Main technical parameters and requirements in production line
Type:WJ-60-1400-type 2 layer corrugated paperboard production line:
1.The maximum production width of the corrugated cardboard:1400mm
2.Design speed:60m/min
3.Economic speed:40m/min
4.Corrugated type: A, C, B, E (or optional by customer)
5.Liquefied gas heating system.
6.Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase, four wire system.
Equipment installed total power:about140KW, actual power:110KW
7.Equipment covers:about15m×10m×5m((Specific length of foundation Figure prevail)
8.Equipment out of paper orientation:According to the user to determine the transmission plant set left or right position
9.Equipment applicability,Available in A, B, C class domestic or imported paper Paper

Customer-owned section
  1. Pipes and connections.
  2. air compressed machine,air pipeline,glue conveying pipe.
3,power supply,wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe.
4,water sources,water pipelines,buckets and so on.
5,Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation.
6,The base paper,corn starch (potato),Industrial use caustic soda,borax and other material for trial.
7,Oil equipment,lubricating oil,hydraulic oil,lubricating grease.
8,installation,commissioning of food, accommodation. And provide installers with the installation.
1.ZJ-F hydraulic roll stand
Czxy-1400 2ply-60m/Min Single Facer Corrugation Line

Structural features:
1,Symmetrical structure,can carry two kraft paper at one time,which can work without brake.
2,Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contra position operated by hydraulic.feeding kraft / reel paper quickly.
3,Brake: pneumatic brake

Technical parameters:
1. Reel Stand driven by hydraulic
2.Kraft paper range:Width: Max: 1400mm Min: 600mm
3.Kraft paper Diameter: Max: Φ1400mm Min: 400mm
4.Max Weight:3000Kg(One side)
5.Pneumatic Source Pressure(Mpa): 0.4---0.8Mpa
6. Lifting Motor Woking Power: 1.5KW 380 V 50 Hz

Main Spare Parts:
Main Parts Name Brand or Origin Material
Contactor CHINT
Panel Xinguang Brand HT200

2.SF-280A single facer(Liquefied gas heating)
Czxy-1400 2ply-60m/Min Single Facer Corrugation Line

Structural features:
Design speed:60m/min
Adopt vacuum suction structure, with high pressure strong blower.Suction with silencer.Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation cabinet,not less than 1.5 meters away from the host,Fully enclosed full operation side.
base and wallboard cast iron wall,Wallboard thickness 130mm.universal Joints drive.
corrugated roller material adopt 48CrMoalloy steel,quenched,Laser hardening,Surface finish,main roll of corrugated diameter¢ 280mm,surface hardness HRC58 degree above.Airbag loading. The key parts of tile roll and pressure roller bearing adopt Wafangdian City high temperature resistant bearing.
pressure roller ¢ 284mm,surface grinding and chrome-plated;Airbag loading, 45 carbon steel materials, quenching (with cushioning devices).
pneumatic control glue to glue back, glue roller diameter ¢215mm,Engraved polished surface after a pit style textured machined chrome plated,after scraping the roller surface polished hard chrome plated.
preheat roll diameter ¢215.
Heat conduction oil strong closed loop, the system pressure is low, no leakage, heat recycling, less heat loss.
The heat roller is equipped with special structure oil stir ring,The roller is heated evenly and the corrugated is well formed.
The heat conducting oil has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, high carrying heat, simple production process and low investment,Suitable for middle-small carton production enterprises.

regular technical parameters:
1,effective width:1400mm 2,operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)
3,design speed:60m/min
4.temperature range:160-220ºC
6. Heating mode: heat exchange type.
roller diameters parameters:
1,diameter of corrugated roller: ¢280mm 2,diameter of pressure roller: ¢284mm
3,diameter of glue roller: ¢215mm 4,diameter of preheat roller: ¢215mm
powered motor parameters:
1,main drive motor:7.5KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard
2,suction motor:7.5KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard
3. Oil pump power: 3KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard

main purchased parts,materials and place of origin:
Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Material and type
Wall and Pedestals Production own HT200
Transmission box Hebei QT450
Corrugation roller 48CrMo alloy steel
Rotary joints and metal hoses Quzhou yujie or luguanqiu
Main drive motor Hebei Hengshui 18.5kw
Reducer motor Taiwan Chengbang
bearing Japan NSK
Corrugation roller and pressure roller bearings American Timken
Seat belt bearing Zhengjiang five rings
High pressure air Shanghai Yingfa
cylinder Zhengjiang Suonuo CSM
Solenoid valve Japan SMC or AirTAC
contacts Frence Schneider
button Chint NP2 series
Air button Frence Schneider
position sensor Japan OMRON
Frequency controller Taiwan delta
PLC Taiwan delta
Man-machine Interface Taiwan weilun or Kunlun Tongtai
Glue pump Hebei botou

NC-1400 Computerized sheet cutter
Czxy-1400 2ply-60m/Min Single Facer Corrugation Line

Structural features:
Can store 200 sets of orders, change the paper cutting size quickly and accurately, change order without stop, and can realize the computer networking, convenient production management.
The shaft drive gear is installed with an eccentric shaft to realize the backlash drive, and the transmission accuracy is high.
NC cutting knife adopt sharp sword. Fixed seat blade flat structure, more stable, more suitable for cutting high weight and high toughness cardboard, small shear force, long blade life.
The paper guide roller is wapped with non slip material, so it is more wearable and accurate in size.
The base plate and wallboard are made of grey cast iron of high standard, which has high strength and strong vibration resistance.
Servo controller control motor drive, 5.7 inch color touch screen display, the project at a glance.
Cutting length: 300mm - 9000mm, cutting accuracy: + 1.5mm (steady speed).

Technical parameters:
1,Working width:1400mm Design speed:80m/min
2,Min cutting length:300mm Max cutting length:9000mm
3. Cutting accuracy: + 1.5mm (steady speed).

powered motor parameters:
1.Main motor power :3KW Full AC synchronous servo control
2.Paper leading motor power: 3KW (frequency conversion speed)

main purchased parts,materials and place of origin:
Name Brand or original Material
frequency motor Hebei Hengshui Big button 3KW
bearing HRB or Zhejiang Wanxiang
Seat bearings Zhejiang Wuhuan
Contactor and relay, intermediate relay schneider
Proximity switch, photoelectric switch OMRON
Switching Mode Power Supply Taiwan MEAN WELL
Traction converter Shenzhen INVT
man-machine interface MCGS

1400 Computerized Stacker
  1. The single corrugated paper collecting machine is eattached after single knife sheet cutter.
  2. The single face paper cutting machine cuts the single corrugated paper according to the requirement and is stacked by a single tile paper collecting machine, thereby reducing a great deal of manpower.
3.The machine frame is welded by the middle plate.
4.The electric appliance adopt Jiale frequency converter, XinjiePLC, CHINT electric appliances, driving motor for the 3.0KW motor 1 set, output motor is 0.75KW - 6 general motors.
5.The machine takes 8 belts (4 lead), 9 tapes and 1 flat belts.
6.The captain is 3800 mm, 2300 mm wide.
7.This machine maximum speed of 70/min.
8.The delivery of the maximum length 1450mm.
9.The machine can collect up to 2 piles of paper at the same time.
10.This machine can realize automatic counting and automatic stepping without stopping the machine.
11.The top stacking height of the machine stack is 100mm.

Best regards,
Xiazhuang Industry Area, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China
Website: http://czxypackmachine.en.made-in-china.com
Made-in-China Website: http://czxypackmachine.en.made-in-china.com
E-m ail: carina @czxypack.com
Whatsapp /wechat : +86 1 3722720056
Fax/tel: 0317-7805687



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