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Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine

  • CE

  • Commodity, Food

  • Electric

  • Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

  • Carton Packaging Machinery

  • Automatic

  • CZXY-1225

  • Ht-250 Casting, 60mm Thickness.

  • 150-250 Piece/Min

  • Alloy Steel 20grmnti, 60mm

  • Siemens

  • Siemens, Omron, Gwangyang

  • NSK

  • Servo Type Lead Edge Feeder of Germany Brand

  • Fully Automatic by PLC

  • Quick Change Version, Trace Correction

  • Six Steps Dust Cleaning Process

  • Plastic Film, Container

  • Wall thickness: 60mm

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 5sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Corrugated flexo cardboard printer slotter diecutter packaging machine
Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine

Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine

Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine

Functions and characteristics:

The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to high speed, high precision, high efficiency, reliable stability and safety.
Control system: adopt the international brand programmable controller (PLC),electric control system of industrial HMI and inverter as the core; It is easy, intelligent and quick to replace production orders, voice prompt current actions and failures, making machine production and adjustment more humanized and safer.
Transmission system: the transmission gear is made of 20GrMnTi alloy steel and fine grinding. The accuracy is six grade, the hardness is HRC58-62. The structure of the key free connecting ring and the cross slide block is used to realize the gear without backlash transmission, which can achieve long-term printing registration.
The ink transfer system: scraping system matched with high net wire ceramic anilox roller, can achieve 100 - 150 netting twine printing, can significantly improve the monochrome dot and multicolor overprint effect. Pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump for ink, ink release, so that the operation is fast, save ink and wash convenient.
The host wall material is HT250, the thickness of 60 mm after artificial aging. The large processing center is processed to ensure high strength and high precision.
I.computer control operation Department
  1. the control panel is equipped with a 10.4 inch man-machine interface colorful touch screen, which can control the feeding department, printing department, slotting part and die cutting part. It has the advantages of convenient operation, quick operation and high accuracy. In addition, each group of text displays can control and display the current phase, the lateral position of the plate, the man-machine dialogue and the manual electronic control double operating system, which is more convenient to operate.
  2. The paper feeding, printing and slotting parts automatically returned to zero position after assembled the machine. General cartons are used automatic zeroing device and automatic color set function, after testing printing several cardboard to adjust to correct printing position to reduce the waste of cardboard.
  3. Current position memory: When machine during working, if need to open the machine for wiping or change plate, the original position can be recovered after the machine is assembled.
  4. Order presupposition: the long and wide data of the cardboard can be input on the 10.4 inch touch screen by the processed order, and the intelligent positioning of the left and right baffles and the rear gear box can be carried out directly.
  5. Data preservation: when the processing product data is correct, the current data number can be kept. and 999 orders can be stored for the next use; when used again It can be operated to save time.
  6. Controllable anilox roller lifting: when a group of temporary don't need print, this group anilox roller no need lift and no need clean. When the paper feeding is opened and stopped, anilox roller rises and falls in turn, reducing the difference of color performance, and the product yield is greatly improved.
  7. It is free to set the time of the paper collecting, the interval time of the paper collecting, so that the operation is more flexible and suitable for the individual operating habits.
  8. The main picture shows the number of setting orders, the actual number of production,when the quota is finished automatic alarm and the paper feeding is stopped automatically. The anilox roll is automatically separated from the printing plate.
  9. Screen host cruise speed: preposition 60,90,180pcs / minutes, the host start up, stop and acceleration and deceleration function, make the adjustment easy.
  10. Automatic separate&assemble: single movement, linkage movement selection, single motion realize separate&assemble of single group, linkage separate&assemble to realize automatic unit and one key operation.
II.Paper feeding part:
The feeding paper adopts servo leading edge feed mechanism (Germany Bosch Rexroth)
Extended full-feed mode the feed length can be adjusted to improve feed stability and feed accuracy.
Adopt digital electronic cam control, never worry about mechanical wear and tear.
The front edge paper feeding mode of negative pressure suction is used to ensure efficient and accurate delivery of all kinds of corrugated and warped cardboard. The variable frequency control air supply and wind pressure can be adjusted in wide range according to the size and warpage degree of the cardboard, and the consumption and energy saving can be reduced.
The left and right baffles and rear gear boxes use PLC to control digital display, which can presuppose the height and width of cardboard, and direct intelligent adjustment and positioning.
1.machine separation&assemble
1)Electric control platform separation&assemble, continuous alarm between the moving, to ensure the safety of the operator. The transmission shaft is attached to the friction clutch to avoid wrong operation and damage the machine.
2)Each platform is equipped with a sudden stop switch, which can stop the movement of the machine by internal control to ensure the safety of the personnel in the internal operation.
3)Pneumatic chain device, the main engine can not start if some unit is not locked in place . The whole machine is locked to make the equipment run smoothly.
2.dust collecting system
*Equipped with our company's parallel parallel chip suction and dust removal mechanism, it has reliable and reliable guarantee for printing on large fields and high outlets, and at the same time, it can effectively reduce the times of downtime.
III.Printing part:
The precision adjustment system can adjust the ink transfer clearance, the embossing gap and the axial position accurately.
Scraping system matched with high net wire ceramic anilox roller, ink evenly, can significantly improve the monochrome dot and multicolor overprint effect, achieve high precision printing dot; scraper blade automatic wear compensation, uniform stress, long service life.
1.Printing roller
1)The outside diameter is Ф393.6mm (with plate diameter Ф408mm).
2)Dynamic and static balance correction, surface grinding and hard chromium plating, smooth operation.
3)Ratchet fixed volume plate shaft, full plate, half plate plate (3*9mm), easy to install, fast.
4)Loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric control is positive and reverse.
2. anilox roll(Haili)
From first color to five color and polishing part, the line qiantity all can customized as customer need.
1) The outside diameter isФ213.7mm, the inner surface of the whole process, the physical properties are uniform.
2) The surface of the steel tube is sprayed ceramics after special processing and the laser engraving the mesh. Mesh regular, smooth walls, smooth bottom, high ink transfer, fast ink release, and easy cleaning.
3) Dynamic balance correction.
4) The gap between anilox roll and plate roller is digitally displayed by PLC control. The minimum adjustment amount is 0.1mm, and the adjustment range is 2 - 10mm.
3. ink scraping system
1)The innovative chamber fluid dynamics and duplex ink sealing design, the ink transport effect is good, and the ink can be saved more.
2)Air pressure or cylinder adjustment locking, the scraper wear automatic compensation, so that the anilox roller and the scraper better fit, can get the best ink scraping effect.
3)Sticky coating chamber "Tefulong" antiseptic and anti, so that the ink transfer and easy cleaning.
4.Ink circulation
1)Equipped with inks alarm device, when a group of inks lack of ink, alarm and stop sending paper.
2)Pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump for ink, ink release, so that the operation is fast, save ink and wash convenient.
3)The ink magnetic filter can remove most of the impurities in the circulation system. Stainless steel machine groove, easier to clean.
5.Phase adjustment mechanism
1) The printing phase uses PLC control mode digital display and electric digital 360 degree adjustment (operation and shutdown can), and the phase adjustment precision can reach 0.1mm.
2) The printing roll adopts the servo to adjust the phase, the sectional type start and stop control, so that the fine tuning is accurate, and the time is saved when greatly adjusted.
3) The horizontal position of the printing roll is digitally displayed by PLC control mode, and the adjustment distance is 10mm, and the precision can reach 0.1mm.
4) in the process of working, if the machine needs to open the machine for erasing the plate or when a small amount of plate is changed in the machine, it can be determined to restore the original position.
5) pneumatic brake structure, automatic brake when divided into body, and auto separation brake after assembling.
IV.Drying part1:
The water-based ink on the printed surface is quickly dried by hot air or infrared, so as to avoid the appearance of ink drop and influence the effect of polishing.
In emergency shutdown, it will not cause the fire accident, it is safe and reliable. It can also determine the drying range and save energy according to the needs.
V. Polishing part:
The structure of the unit is the same as the printing section, and the water-based light oil can be selected to polish when the production.
The unit can also be used as a printing unit and can be combined with polychromatic printing.
VI.Drying part2&Drying part3 :
The water-based ink on the printed surface is quickly dried by hot air or infrared, so as to avoid the appearance of ink drop and influence the effect of polishing.
In emergency shutdown, it will not cause the fire accident, it is safe and reliable. It can also determine the drying range and save energy according to the needs.
VII.Slotting part
The electric control of single axis slotting: Linkage adjustment of pre pressure, molding press line and slotting position.
PLC control digital display, preset carton length, width, height, automatic adjustment.
Six-axis transmission, a cutter disc cut angle, three cutter disc slotting, one knife disc edge, middle cutter fixed, elastic angle cutter blade. Upper and lower cutter disc independent screw drive (eight), linear precision linear guide positioning drive (for CNC machine tools).
Slotted revolutionary technology
1. slotted cutter seat transversal mechanism
1) the slotting phase is controlled by PLC, touch screen and electric digital 360 degree adjustment. (operation and stop both can be adjusted)
2) Pre-pressing, forming pressure lines, slotted position traverse adopts linear precision guide rails, screw electric synchronous adjustment, and each slotted blade holder adopts double collision protection device.
3) Slotting box height adjustment adopts electric four-knife synchronous adjustment, PLC control mode digital display.
4) The alloy steel has high sharpness and precision through the heat treatment and grinding of the trimming knife.
5) The material of the slotted knife alloy steel was grinded by heat treatment, the hardness and toughness both good, and width of 7 mm.
6) The shaft diameter of 176 mm, the surface hard chromium plating, stable movement.
2. Pressing mechanism
1) Equipped with pr-pressing, forming two times line-pressing device, pr-pressing adopt large radian steel wheel, forming. upper wheel is covered with polyurethane adhesive, the lower wheel single line steel wheel, the board is not easy to damage, line forming good straightness, press line gap PLC is used to control the digital display, the minimum adjustment quantity 0.1mm, adjust the range of 2 - 10mm.
2) Shaft diameter of 98 mm, the surface hard chromium plating, smooth movement, balance correction, stable operation.
3. Sudden stop, point movement
1) the slotting part control panel is equipped with a quick stop button to ensure safety and avoid waste in the case of emergency.
2) the slotting part control panel is equipped with a touch button to facilitate the independent operation of the personnel in the rear of the machine.
VIII.Die cutting part:
The servo motor is driven independently and automatically zeros with the printing section. The printing sleeve is not subject to the influence of the die cutting force.
A virtual spindle is used to synchronize the servo drive system with a closed and high-precision planetary reducer, and the die cutting error is controlled within 1mm.
A 5.7 inch color touch screen can be configured to adjust the 0.1mm of the die cutting phase. The die cutting pressure gap and the template roll axial (+ 5mm) are digital display using PLC control mode, and the adjustment precision is 0.1mm.
  1. Youli rubber roller
1)Youli roll with 389mm (including pad diameter 405mm), centrifugal casting alloy steel, grinding, hard chromium plating, static balance.
2)There is a rubber pad with "Taiwan Chaonai" or "Germany Di Pie", width of 250mm, the normal use of 8 million times, the mechanical move around 30mm, and with a radial differential device, the rubber pad wear average distribution, improve the service life of the rubber pad greatly.
3)Youli roll with built-in differential automatic compensation device, the rubber pad and the Mold plate automatically keep the line speed and. To keep the size of each batch of products consistent, thus reducing the cost of production.
4)The machine is equipped with Youli rubber modified device, can be repeatedly modified after use.
2.Mold plate roller
1)The template roller and with 360mm (including cutter mold diameter 408mm), centrifugal casting alloy steel, grinding, hard chromium plating, static balance.
2)Template fixed screw M10, axial spacing 100mm, radial (18 equal pitch angle 20 degrees).
3)Knife mold wood thickness: 16mm (three layers of cardboard) 13mm (five layers of cardboard).
4)The mold roll is attached with the lateral adjustment device to stretch 10mm, and the PLC control mode is used for digital display, and its adjustment precision is 0.1mm.
5)Mold roll and Youli rubber roll in the un-die cutting state through the cylinder eccentric device automatically disengaged, can reduce the load and prolong the life of Youli rubber and knife mold.
IX.Stacking part
1.Paper receiving arm
1)Manual or automatic operation can be optional.
2)The transmission belt of the paper arm is used to adjust the tightness of the belt separately, and it is not restricted by the length of the belt.
2. Bed lift
1)Strong chain drive.
2)The stack height of 1600 mm.
3)The bed platform lift motor is attached to the brake function. The bed can keep the fixed position and will not slide.
4)Add the weight iron device to make the bed lift in the control, to ensure the safety of the workers.
5)The plane crepe climbing belt to prevent the paperboard from falling.
3.Paper baffle
1)The air pressure action paper baffle, when the cardboard is stacked to the predetermined height, the paper plate is automatically extended to hold the cardboard.
2)The position of the rear baffle is adjusted manually.
4.Control system
1)the electric appliance is implemented by PLC programming control.
2)independent operation electric box.

X. Transmission gear
  1. Main transmission gear
1)20CrMnTi alloy steel is made by forging, tempering and carburizing, finishing with fine grinding, and six grade precision (the same level with the car gear box gear).
2)The operation is smooth, the noise is small, the hardness is HRC58 ~ 62, the life is long, and it can reach the long-term printing set.
2.Keyless connection ring
Adopt free connection ring, make the shaft and gear complete seamless connection, there won't have gap in the large torque using, installation and maintenance more convenient, can make long-term high transmission precision, to ensure the printing register.
XI. Technical parameter
Name unit specification
Max.feeding size mm 1200*2500
Max.printing area mm 1200*2400
Skip feeding area mm 1400*2500
Max.slotting depth mm 300
Min.feeding size mm 400*800
Minimum slotting interval mm 150*150*150*150(Positive)
Standard printing plate thickness mm 7.2
printing cardboard thickness mm 2-11
Color precision mm ±0.3
Die cutting precision mm ±1
Mechanical speed pcs/min 320
Working speed pcs/min 260
Total power (five colors) Kw Working power about 100kw
Weight T() 42

Carton box pictures:
Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine

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Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine

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Corrugated Flexo Cardboard Printer Slotter Diecutter Packaging Machine



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