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Corrugated Carton Box Folder Gluer Machine

  • Shun Stick Folder Gluer

  • Automatic High-Speed Folder Gluer

  • Electric

  • Film

  • Frequency Control of Motor

  • 0-130m/Min.

  • CZXY-2600

  • Electric Adjustment

  • 8-25 Pic

  • 2-8mm

  • PLC

  • Engineers Are Available Service Abroad.

  • 2300/2600/2800mm

  • 6ton

  • Computer Digital Adjustment

  • Standard Abroad Packaging, Container

  • computer conrol

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 10sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Corrugated carton box folder gluer machine

Corrugated Carton Box Folder Gluer Machine
Corrugated Carton Box Folder Gluer Machine


Automatic folder gluer is consist of three parts which are feeding paper part, glue folding part,and counting stacking part. Speed adjust by digital, range adjust by PLC, double frequency convertor synchronous operation, with quick reliable and precise control mode. Automatic feeding paper, automatic gluing and folding, automatic counting, automatic stacking and output. Gluing speed can reach to 150m/min, energy -saving, labor saving.

Function of each unit:
Feeding department:
1.Adopt adsorption type belt front paper feding method, accurately and stable.
2.Adopt high-grade electromagnetic cluth and electromagnetic brake system. Paper feeding department can be controlled individually. Easy operation.
3.Creasing wheel is adjustable for the thickness 2-8mm of cardboard.
4.Frequency control of motor speed with the glue folding department, has a speed of 0-130m/min.
5.Front baffle and the belts of the feeding unit can be adjusted right and left, quick adjustment of various sizes and length of cardboard box.

Glue folding department:
1.Main motor adopt frequency control of motor, no noise, convenient and stable.
2.Imported circular seamless docking convey belt made of high wear resistant materials ,folding of cardboard accurately and automaticly.
3.Gluing department selects high quality stainless steel gluing wheels, coating evently ,trouble free and glue saving.
4. Folding department equipped with paper corrective and creasing corrective device.
5.Folding department equipped with two rows fixed position wheel , precision shaping.
6.Folding speed 0-130m/min.
7.The right and left baffles are adjusted electrically.

Counting and stacking department
1.With PLC programmable controller and touch screen digital control ,easy operation, input data without downtime, automatic counting, stacking and output.
2. Counting department adopts frequency control, speed can be adjusted.
3.With Imported circular seamless docking convey belt, stacking trimly, has a speed of 0-130m/min.
4.With knocking system beat the paperboard, has corrective function.
5.Counting and output pneumatically ,with PLC, accuracy and fast.
6.Output department adopt upper and lower belt compressing tightly, make the carton gluing firmly and output trimly. Stacking height is 8-25 pic.

model LF-2300 LF-2600 LF-2800
SIZE A(mm) 80-880 80-880 80-880
SIZE B(mm) 700-2320 700-2620 700-2820
SIZE C(mm) 160-840 160-840 160-840
SIZE D(mm) 260-1050 260-1150 260-1250
Install Area(mm) 3500×14000 4000×15000 4200×16000
Motor KW 10KW 12KW 12KW
Total weight 6T 6.5T 7T

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Finished Box picture:
Corrugated Carton Box Folder Gluer Machine

Delivery picture:
Corrugated Carton Box Folder Gluer Machine

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