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Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine Automatic Production Line

  • Packaging of Goods

  • Film

  • Cartons

  • Electric

  • Packaging Production Line

  • Transport Packaging, Storage and Packaging, Sales Packing

  • CZXY-1600

  • Drinks, Dairy Products, Vegetable, Fruit

  • Flexible Package

  • Outer Packing

  • Several Packaging

  • Packaging of Export Products

  • 1600mm

  • 120m/Min

  • 80-100m/Min

  • 3ply

  • Hydraulic

  • 320mm

  • 5 Blades 8 Scorers

  • Helical Knife

  • Gimbal Drive

  • Corrugated Type: a, B, C, E Optional

  • Plastic Film, Container.

  • Max mechanical speed: 120m/min,

  • Xiaoyuan

  • Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

  • 8441809000

  • 3-5 Sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Full Automatic 2/3/5 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Price

Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine Automatic Production Line
Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine Automatic Production Line

Product Description :

Corrugated cardboard production line is the professional equipment for producing corrugated cardboard.The 3 ply,5 ply and multi-function corrugated cardboard production line mainly consist of the following equipment:mill roll stand,surface paper(core-paper),pre-heater.singlefacer,conveying span bridge,glue application machine,double facer,slitter scorer,cut-off,conveyer and stacker,steam heating stystem,air compression system and glue making system etc. The 3 ply,5 ply,7 ply ,and multi-function corrugated cardboard production line has high middle grade with different specification and different qualityequipment.On the base of understanding the requirements of the customers and the anvanced skills at home and abroad,our company has developed and designed these production linds with the speed 150-250m/min,the paper width 1400-2500mm and four fluting UV type A,B,C,E for all the custoemrs to choose from.

Model:WJ-1600type 3ply corrugated cardboard Production line

Design speed:120m/min
3ply mechanical
speed: 80-100m/min
Working width:1600mm
Production line length: according to drawing.

Remark: Production line speed experiment raw paper should meet the follow requirement:
A:Raw paper grade can't be lower than Grade B,
B:Raw paper moisture content 11% ±1%
C:Face paper :110-250
D:Corrugated cardboard:10-200
E:Core paper:110-200
Corrugated type :A,B,C,EOptional
Heating requirement: common pressure for heating,250-280ºC
Power supply:380V 50Hz
Equipment flow direction: according customer factory

1. Hydraulic shaftless Mill Roll Stand

structural features;
1. symmetrical structure, can install two bundle of paper tube, can work continuously; adopt hydraulic pressure to finish working including raw paper clamping, rise and fall, loosen, movement centring, left (right) translation.
2. Valid working width: 1600mm
3. Max raw paper:1500mm*1600mm
4. Min raw paper: 1500mm*800mm
5. Unilateral max weight: 1500kg
6. Every shaftless Mill Roll Stand includes two piece feeding slide way, two paper going car, slide way adopt No14 steel tank to weld to guidepost, paper going car are welded with 10mm steel plate, the length of ground rack is 4500mm.
7. Multi-point brakes, limit screw is increased below it.
8. Electric parts concentrate control, with automatic inflation type drawin gear.

Technical parameter:
1. Raw stand operation term: electric operation.
2. Clamping scope:Max 1600mm, Min 800mm
3. Clamping diameter: Max 1500mm, Min400mm
4. Max holding for single arm: Max 1500kg

2. MXD-600Liner Paper, Core Paper and Multiple Pre-heater
Technical Features:
1.Type M is for facepaper pre-heater,Type X is for core pre-heater, Type D is for Multiple Pre-heater.
2.Dynamic balance testing for preheating roller and accurate grinding for surface of roller.
3. Preheating roller has two types, the one is stationary type; the other one is rotary type which has brake rigging, can adjust paper tension any time.
4.Electric adjusting for pre-heater area, also can adjust between 0-200°.
5. spraying device is installed in core pre-heater, which can adjust paper drying and wetting, helpful for corrugation.
6. The diameter of preheating roller: 900mm.
7.Type D multiple pre-heater can be devide into 2ply ,3ply, and 4ply structure.

Technical parameter:
1. Working active area:1600mm
2. Hot creep cylinder diameter: 600mm
3. Cornerite adjusting scope:60-200, Cornerite roller diameter86mm
4. Heating temperature:250-280, ordinary pressure.
5. Working power:380V 50Hz
6. Motor power:1.1KW

3.SF320 type single facer(Italics machine)

Technical parameter and product features:
1. Design speed:120m/min
2. Economic speed: 100m/min
3. Corrugated main roller diameter 296mm, individual gearbox and cardan joint transmission structure.
4. Effective width: 1600mm
5. Corrugated roller:296-292mm
6. Vacuum absorbing type single facer corrugated machine. Both of up and down corrugated roller adopt high quality alloy steel, dealed with hard chrome.HRC58°-60°,dealed with grinding and chroming on surface.
7. Closed type gear transmission oil lubricating, made the noisy low, running steady and working life long.
8. Pneumatic control the lifting-lowering of upper corrugated roller, press roller and glue roller.

4. Transport Bridge

Technical parameter:

1. Design speed:120m/min
2. Effective width: 1600mm,height 4500mm.
3. Adopt adsorption tension device and adjusting device to ensure cardboard stick fast and plat when it passes heating plate.
4. Electric rectification paperboard, easy and fast.
5. E lectric control install two group operation board, adjust arbitrary up and down bridge.
6. Adopt synchronous motor driving, equipped with high-speed and low-speed paper collecting device to transfer the stocked corrugated paperboard.
7. Suction motor:2.2KW
8. Correction motor:0.37KW

5. WJ309 type gluing machine

Technical parameter:
1. Design speed:120m/min
2. Effective width: 1700mm

Products characteristic:
1.The diameter of glue roller is 240mm, the surface is treated by chrome and fine textured embossing plated. 2.Pneumatic control the lifting-lowering of press roller, pressure uniform, easy and fast.
3.Between gluing roller and fixing gluing roller, there is a worm gear box for adjusting, locating accurately and fast.
4.Diameter parameter of rollers Gluing roller 240mm Fixing gluing roller 125mm Paper pressing roller 125mm

6. DF-600 Baker and Finalizing Design System

Products characteristic:

1. According to production line speed, heating plate structure quantity is 600mm*14heating plate, hot plate section cross air supply.
2. . Surface of heating plate are grinded, suitable for the national standard of the second class pressure vessel.
3. Heating part adopts intensive roller structure.
4. Conveyer belt adopts cylinder tension device, and can be corrected by manual.
5. The surface of main driving roller are treated by wear-resisting rubber vulcanization. The drum shape can avoid deviation of transport belt.

Technical parameter:

1. Working Effective width:1600mm
2. Machanical speed:120m/min, Economic speed:100m/min
3. Temperature scope:250-280C
4. Power supply :380V, 50Hz
5. Main drive roller:600mm
6. Front driven roller 300mm,middle roller 300mm
7. Pressing belt roller 71mm, both tensioning roller and correcting roller is 125mm
8. Heating plate department girder 400# box iron.
9. Design finalization part girder 300# box iron, strengthen thickness 10mm

7. High Speed Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Product Features:

Electric control liftinglowering and deviation. Whole machine can move to left and right, controlled by cycloidal reducer.

The machine adopts five blades eight scorers.

Blades are made by tungsten alloy steel.

Line pressing wheel adopts French Matin Technology, nice and strong.

Technical parameter:

1. Design speed:150m/min

2. Expiry width: 1600mm

3. Five knife 8 press lines

4. Adopt tunqsten steel thin blade high speed cutting. the edge unknit and lubricity.

5. Automatically grinding system, can grind the knives without stop the machine. The grinding time and length can be set as requirement.

6. The whole machine electric transverse move.

8. NC Cut off machine

Technical parameter:
1. Machanical speed:120m/min
2. Effective width:1600mm
3. Cutting length:500mm-9999mm
4. Cutting precision:±1mm

Products features
1.Adopt independent oil pump and the filter coordinates two groups of copper tubes to distribute in various gears position for suppling oil, lubricating and cooling.
2. helical knife structure and sawtooth type to reduce paperboard cutting resistance and keep low noise.
3. Cutter shaft: High quality ally steel after balance treatment has good stationarity.
4.Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and the rear conveyor. The transporting is stable, the pressure uniform to avoid jam or cardboard broken.
5.This type of machine just consume 1/3 energy compared with the common one with its special structure. Save above 70% energy to save more money/
6. Exact and adjustable no gap gear to ensure the knifeedge joggling exactly and machine running balanceable. 7.Computer can keep many orders. Human-computer interface separately. The screen can show all the production information, you can consult, modification, superaddition and cancel order at any time.

9. Longmen feeding paper

Production features:

Feeding automatically, stacking automatically, cross out automatically,

Factory Manufacture Process:
Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine Automatic Production Line

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Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine Automatic Production Line



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