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Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine

  • CE

  • Machinery & Hardware, Food

  • Electric

  • Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

  • Carton Packaging Machinery

  • Automatic

  • 220V/380V/440V

  • 7500*3000*2200mm

  • 1.5t

  • 30days

  • Chain-Paper Pushing

  • 45# Alloy Steel

  • Optional

  • Domestic and Abroad Famous Brand

  • 2mm-11mm Cardboard Making

  • Carton Box Making

  • Plastic Film, Container

  • Wall thickness: 50mm

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 15sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Chain Feeding 3Color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine

Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine

Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine
Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine

II.YFQ1250X2600 3Color Printing Slotting&rotary die cutting Machine
Use and performance
1.Circulating oil lubrication system and others printing machine structure.
2.Wallboard 40 mm thick cast iron material
3.All the drive roller , shaft fine grinding , hard chromium plating processing .
4.Automatic cycle to the ink system , pneumatic diaphragm pump , ink stability ,simple operation and maintenance . Ink filter , filter impurities , ink separation . Cleaning iseasy to operate , so the ink volume can be adjusted trace . Ink roller can be rising andseparate pneumatic rotation , to prevent downtime when the ink dries up , ink roll andconvenient cleaning .
5.Gear nogap adjusting device , make cardboard run more smoothly , printing designmore clearly not double .
6.Printing and phase structure of planetary gear electric digital phase controller 360degrees adjustment ( runand stop are adjustable ), position can be adjusted to thefirst set , long service life and easy to adjust accurately .
7.Drive gear adopt 40Gr , shaving , quenched and tempered treatment (high hardness , good wear resistance ), according to the requirements of high precisionprocessing and manufacturing , and cross slide block connections , and USES the spraylubrication mechanism , long service life , low noise , smooth operation , ensure the accuracy of tinted .
8.Each unit electric points , pneumatic locking , relax . With alarm , warning light tipmore can improve the safety of the operation .
9.front and back is equipped with urgent stop switch and control in the paper feeding.
10.CAD Design modules can be any combination of multicolor printing unit .
11. With automatic counting device , it can display properly production number , andhost automatically stop after complete the preset number.


Type unit 1250X2600
Plate roller diameter:(including plate thickness) mm ¢410
Plate roller length mm 1400
Inner width mm 2000
Design speed pcs/min 60
Max paper size mm 1250X2400
Max printing size mm 1200X2200
Min paper size mm 400×600
To adapt to the thickness of the cardboard mm 3-11
Wall thickness mm 40
Slotting width mm 7
Corner cut width mm 50
Overprint error mm ≤±0.5
Max slotting depth mm 300

III. Main Configurations and parameters of machines
Paper feeding department

1. Workbench use chain plate feeding way , the manual sheet paper to adapt to the cardboard widely and general warping board are applicable .
2. Front and back axle 35 mm , three points fixed , operate smoothly.
3.The chain firmness adjusting mechanism.
4.Attach paper pressure device ,make the warp cardboard feed into paper axis smoothly .
5. Overprint adjusting mechanism is convenient and quick adjustment plate and cardboard position.

Printing department

1. Upper paper feeding roll diameter 86 mm , paper feeding wheel outer diameter 120 mm.
2.Lowerpaper roll 155 mm , fine grinding hard chromium plating , 14 mm wallthickness .
3.Roller clearance between upper and lower roller adopt the sliding block structure and adjusting range 0 to 10mm .
4.Printing roller:
(1)External diameter is Ø398mm(diameter is Ø410mm including plate)
(2)Surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
(3)Surface interval 50 mm delimit scale line , convenient version.
5.Phase adjusting mechanism:
(1) Electric planet gear , which can realize adjusting roller circumferential 360 degrees, digital display , intuitive and accurate.
(2)Axial adjusting mechanism can make the version of the roll around adjust thetotal of 100 mm . ( 5 mm unilateral)
6.Printing pressing roller
(1) External diameter is Ø155mm, wall thickness 14mm
(2)Grinding, hard chromium is plated on steel tube surface.
(3)Roller clearance adjustment adopt the sliding block structure ,and adjusting range 0 to 12mm .
7.Metal Anilox Roller
(1) External diameter is Ø175mm, wall thickness 22mm.
(2) Steel tube surface through special processing after carving checker ( 180-250line option )
(3) Network is consistent , uniform inking , durable.
8.Rubber Roller
(1) External diameter is Ø165mm, wall thickness 22mm.
(2) Steel tube surface parcel wear-resisting rubber . ( 20 mm wall thickness )
(3) High special grinding , ink transfer effect is good.
(4) Ink loop adopts pneumatic diaphragm pump , ink stability , simple for operation and maintenance.
(5) ink mesh filter impurities , to protect network roll .
Slotting department

1.Upper knife shaft diameter 156 mm , the lowerknife shaft diameter 156 mm , surfacegrinding hard chromium plating , balance correction , smooth operation .
2.Line pressing wheel clearance manual adjustment , dial display adjustment data .
3.Slotting knife width is 7 . 0 mm . Alloy steel material , after heat treatment typegrinding gear slotting knife 4.Slotting knife gap worm gear box to adjust , dial , according to adjust the rangeof 0-11 mm .
5.Slotting phase adjusting mechanism , planetary gear structure
6.Slot electric digital phase using phase controller 360 degrees adjustment ( motionand stop all can be adjusted ).
7.Manual sync adjusting box height.
8.Line pressing roller diameter and 110 mm , thick wall seamless steel tube is madeof high quality , fine grinding hard chromium plating on the surface of dynamic balancingcorrection and computers . Line pressing wheel diameter ф 176 .
Die cutting department

1.For high-quality steel roller ,surface hard chromium plating , and move the balancecorrection , increase its running stability and reliability.
2.Cutting die roll and rubber gasket roll gap by manual adjustment .
3.Die cutting roller adopts planetary phase structure , high precision , large bearingcapacity , stop , operation can be electrically adjusted.
4.When to stop feeding , pneumatic clutch will be two roll out , reduce the softroll wear .
5.Rubber matwith Spain production polyurethane mat sets , can achieve 100 %cut off rate , smooth incision , the exchange order of rubber gasket the rubber gasketloading and unloading operation manual shall prevail.
6.Rubber mat roller adopts mechanical CAM about mobile devices , each knife indifferent positions , effectively prolong the service life of the mat sets
7.Die cutter roller can be adjusted manually axial distance plus or minus 10 mm
8.Die cutting upper and lower roll diameter is different , but the two linear velocityof roller is equal . Can control the die cutting knife in the circumferential direction is notinfinite circulation work , make a bumper wear more evenly .
9. Linear velocity compensation device , when the soft roll diameter change , linearspeed automatic compensation device automatic tracking compensation,noneedmanual adjustingspeed , guarantee the size of each batch of carton die-cutting to completely consistent ,at the same time greatly extend the mat sets and the service life of die cutter .
10. Soft roll fixing device can automatically after wear and tear of the blanket coverfor many times to repair , after repair felt jacket is bright and clean level off , keep as theuse of performance as new blanket set . Greatly increase the felt pad of repeated usage .
11.Die cutting roller equipped with free version under the die cutting device , theconventional box was relieved to do die cutting version of the cost , reduce the cost .
Transmission gear
Using 40 cr material , thickness of 50 mm , tempering gear shaving processing ,hardness of HRC50-55 degrees , high wear resistance , convenient maintenancecharacteristic .
Rack body
Thebodyadoptthe HT - 200 material , thickness of 40 mm , shock absorptionperformance is good , braced with gb channel steel , solid and stable . Rail adopt castingstructure , unit electric opening and closing .
Electrical part of the main features :
domestic chint , famous people suchas electrical control components , reliable operation , circuit design is reasonable , simpleoperation , long service life .

Carton box pictures:
Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine

Factory Manufacture Process:

Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine
Delivery Machine:
Chain Feeding 3color Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Machine

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