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Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery

  • Shun Stick Folder Gluer

  • Automatic High-Speed Folder Gluer

  • Electric

  • Film

  • Frequency Control of Motor

  • 0-130m/Min.

  • Electric Adjustment

  • 8-25 Pic

  • 2-8mm

  • PLC

  • Engineers Are Available Service Abroad.

  • 2300/2600/2800mm

  • 6ton

  • Computer Digital Adjustment

  • 3/5ply Corrugated Board

  • Standard Abroad Packaging, Container

  • computer conrol

  • CZXY

  • Hebei, China

  • 8441809000

  • 10sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Automatic colorful corrugated box forming packaging machinery

Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery
Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery
Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery

Full automatic folding gluing machine
I. the whole machine introduction
The automatic folding gluing box machine is composed of a vacuum paper feeding part, a glue folding part and a counting pile output part. Digital display control, PLC computer amplitude modulation, double frequency conversion synchronous operation, with simple, fast and reliable control mode. Automatic paper feeding, automatic glue folding, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, remote remote control within 100 meters to achieve remote host start and stop, main engine acceleration and deceleration, fan start stop, paper feed start stop, emergency stop, left and right arm adjustment, glue application The box is adjusted, the average viscosity of the box is 150 m / min, high speed energy saving, saving labor costs.
II. the functional characteristics
.Paper feeding part:
1. Adopting the leading edge of the belt to absorb paper, accurate and reliable.
2. Adopt high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, so that the paper feeding part can be controlled separately, and the operation is simple and reliable.
3. The height of the paper pressing wheel is adjustable, suitable for cardboard thickness of 2-8mm
4. Linkage with folding section, frequency control, paper feed speed 0-150m/min
5. The front baffle and paper feed belt of the paper feeding section are adjustable left and right.
.Folding gluing part:
1. The main motor adopts the frequency conversion speed control system without noise, the speed regulation is flexible and stable.
2. Imported high friction belt conveyor paperboard, automatic stacking.
3. It adopts stainless steel wheel coating glue, uniform glue amount, no trouble and saves glue.
4. The folding section is equipped with a cardboard correction device, and an indentation correction device.
5. The folding part has two rows of adjustable inner positioning guide wheel system, which has higher forming precision.
6. Folding speed 0-150m/min.

.Counting&stacking part:
1. Automatic stacking,neat output.
2. The main motor of the technical department has variable frequency speed regulation, the speed is adjustable, and the startup is stable and reliable.
3. Use the belt to transport the carton, stacking neatly, speed 0-130m/min.
4. Using the clapper to hit the carton, with corrective function, the deviation is very small.
5. Counting and output adopts pneumatic method, PLC electronic control, reliable action, accurate and fast.
6. Adopt PLC programming controller and touch screen digital control, easy to operate, reliable operation, input data with non-stop, automatic counting.
7. The output part adopts the bottom conveyor belt and the upper pressing belt to synchronously press the way, so that the finished carton is firmly and neatly output.
III. the main technical parameters
Model CZXY-2300 CZXY-2600
Size A(mm) 80-880 80-880
Size B(mm) 420-2300 700-2600
Size C(mm) 160-840 160-840
Size D(mm) 170-1050 260-1050
Installation area(mm) 3500×14000 4200×15000
Power (kw) 10kw 12kw

Note: Special specifications can be customized according to customer needs, and the minimum box height can't be lower than 100mm.

IV.Electric appliance:
1.Bearings HRB, RENBEN ALL
2 Electric appliance Siemens ALL
3 PLC Taiwan Delta ALL
4 Encoder Taiwan Delta ALL
5Touch screen MCGS ALL
6 Keyless connection ring Xianyang ALL
7 Pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump Wuhan ALL
8 Main motor Siemens 2SETS
9 Adsorption fan Shanghai Xinzhi 1SET
10 Conveying motor Taiwan Taibang 3SETS
11Conveyor belt Shnaghai ALL

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Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery
Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery
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Automatic Colorful Corrugated Box Forming Packaging Machinery

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