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3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price

  • New

  • CE

  • Automatic

  • Paper

  • Thick Paper

  • Steam Heating

  • CZXY-1800-5PLY

  • 1800mm

  • 5 Layer

  • 120m/Min

  • 80m/Min

  • Vacuum Absorbable

  • 48crmo High Quality Alloy Steel

  • Acbe as Customer Requirements

  • 320

  • Imported Famous Brand

  • Plastic Film Wrapping Outside, Container

  • Corrugated type: A, B, C, E Optional

  • CZXY

  • Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

  • 8441809000

  • 3-5sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

1800-5 LAYER CORRUGATOR LINE, Steam Heating
(Design speed 120m/min. Production Speed 3ply 80-100m/min,5ply 60-80m/min)

3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price 3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price

2/3/5/7-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Higher productivity, better paperboard quality, adoption of central control system, simple and easy operation, convenient repair and maintenance, reliable and safe, greatly lower degree of manpower requirement; mainly consist of the following equipments.

1). Mill Roll Stand (Electrical or Hydraulic)

2). Preheater (Surface Paper & Core Paper)

3). Vacuum Adsorption Single Facer

4). Overhead Conveyer Bridge

5). Gluer (Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex, etc.)

6). Double Facer (Heating Plate & Cooling Finalize)

7). Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

8). NC. Cut-off Machine

9). Stacker & Conveyer

10). Heating System (Steam, Oil, etc.)

11). Glue Kitchen System

12). Air Compression System

13). Electrical Control System, etc.

1.Hydraulic Reel Stand

Structure and Features:
1,Symmetrical structure,can carry two kraft paper at one time,which can work without brake.
2,Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contra position operated by hydraulic.feeding kraft / reel paper quickly.
3,Brake: pneumatic brake

2.320mm Fingerless Type Single Facer

Single facer is design for producing single-face corrugated paper,the medium process into wave-paper, and past glue on the top of flutes, stick with liner become into single-face corrugated paper.
. Upper corrugating roller lift-down controller by two hydraulic cylinder.
Cylinder with magnetic valve button & hydraulic station control pressure roller
. Gluing group: Advance and retreat of the glue roller house is control by two pneumatic cylinders.
. Adjust glue thickness: Quantity of pasting glue and control glue is control by the clearance between glue roller and doctor roller adjustment and the inter-face appear control, figure show gluing details.
. Adjust advance and retreat of glue roller and pressure roller clearance: The electric motor drive cam micro-adjust, and display the adjusting quantity on inter-face by the motor.
. Adjust pressure roller clearance: The electric motor drive cam micro-adjust, and display the adjusting quantity on inter-face by the displacement sensor.
. Main drive part: Main drive with the separate gear box to shift drive, gear is made from high quality alloy steel and the dip oil type, low noise, long life.
. Driving part details: The gear box transfer the kinetic energy to the three rollers (upper, down corrugated roller and pressure roller) through the universal transmission shaft. The structure ensures the stable performance, easy and fast to maintenance.
. Gluing roller idle running part: gear reducer motor,avoid glue dry on roller when machine paused.
. Add three steam turning tie-ins, steam tube and one backwater equipment.
. The iron blank on top of machine can separate disconnect to clean garbage inside, not need disconnect whole machine.
.The axis of upper, down corrugated roller and pressure roller adopt the resistant high temperature oil to lubricate

3.PreheaterØ 600mm
1, The preheater roller is under the stander of the 1st class(grade) pressure vessel of the national.
2, All the surfaces of every rollers have been grinded with high accuracy and chromed plated to less the resistance of paper preheating, long service of using life.
3, Electric to enlarge the preheating area, preheating area can be in 360° to adjust the preheating

Structure and Features:
1, Glue rollers' surfaces are annealed, inside hold processed, with dynamic balanced.
The surface is grinded and carved reticulated mottles, glue balance and cost less
2, The glue rollers' turning is controlled by frequency variable motor& frequency variable controller. With frequency variable controller, the glue rollers' speed can follow the double facer or by himself.
3, To prove the nice glue water and do not waste, we adopts auto recycle glue supply, with glue amounts effective controlled, to avoid the glue to become sediment, auto track glue amount.
4, All the rollers surfaces are grinded then chromed plated.
5, Up & down level glue is driven by one frequency variable motor.

5.Conveying Bridge
The Main Frame is connected with channel steel, and angle steel.
2, With Protecting Handrail on both sides and safety pedal, the operation side is installed with safety ladder, to make sure the safety and convenience of the worker.
3, PVC feeder belt to transport the single or double face corrugated sheet with corrugated type.
4, Vacuum suction tension control, suction pipe(140mm) with adjusting valve,draw fan power can be adjusted freely.
5, Electric to correct the position of feeding( two sets),correct parts are driven byfast and accuracy to position, steady to move.

6.Double Facer

1, Hot Plates' surfaces is grinded and then chromed plated,width:600mm.total 14pieces of hot plates, cold shaping part:4m length.
Hot plates are made by container plates, can pass the national first level pressure container standars
2, Hot plates adopts the compressed gravity press rollers structure.
3, Press rollers' lifting up and down are driven by hydraulic structure.
4, Up convey belt left and right correct by auto with both sides, tension adjusting system:2 sets; down belt manual small amount adjust.
5, Drive rollers' surface is wrapped by rubber, Y shape structure,with middle height,to make sure the board can be out smoothly
6, Drive part,gear oil drown lubricating type, with liquid level meter shown.
7, Main drive motor: Variable frequency motor, high force when low speed start, high speed adjusting range, steady to use,easy to mend.
8, Structure inside of Heating Plates: separated structure to let the steam transported with
S shape and separated from water.

7.Electric Slitter Scorer

Structure and Features:
1. Can store 999 orders, non-stop automatically or manually to change order.
2. Change order fast, 3-8 seconds for changing order, the two machines can be achieved with no slow down immediately for a single.
3. Automatic tracking production line speed to ensure its synchronization with on-line production management system, and compatibility.
4. By the high-quality imports of industrial computers and high-performance programmable controller configuration, lower computer control system.
5. Three kinds of pressure line forms: convex on concave (three lines), convex on the concave (five lines), convex on the flat, all three pressure lines can form an electric conversion. Creasing wheel depth by computer control, linear, easy to bend.
6. Using a thin tungsten steel alloy blade, blade sharp, long life of more than 8 million meters.
7. Brothers of computer control, automatic or manual knife sharpener, you can trim the edge of the Brothers, improve production efficiency.
8. Imported synchronous drive unit, semi-precision, long life, low noise operation.

8.NC Cut Off
Structure and Features:
1, Cutting length:500mm-9999mm.
2, Cutting precision:±1mm.
3, Uses the independent oil pump and the filter coordinates two groups of copper tubes to distribute in various gears position for the oil,the lubrication and cooling.
4, Helical knife structure,type sawtooth knife,decrease cutting obstruction,low noise.
5, Balance treatment:high quality alloy steel for blade shaft,which helps to keep it good stability.
6, Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and the rear conveyer.The transporting is stable and with even pressure,which avoid jam caused or broken cardboard.
7, This type of Cut-off just consume the one of third energy compare with the common cutter with its especial structure,economize above 70% energy to get more money.
8, Exact and adjustable on gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly.running balanceable.
9,Computer system to keep order. Man-machine conversation system NC. automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specification and maching.The screen display various production message.Can consult,modification,superaddition and cancel order during running machine.
10, Germany Serve control system inside of cabinet, to keeping the machine running fast and stable.

9. Stacker
1. Change order in 5 seconds, automatic counting and automatic horizontal paperboard delivery.
2. Synchronization with production management control system,change order automatically with high speed.
3. During working with production management control system, the waste paperboard less than 700mm duo to change order.
4. Caterpillar type stacking platform, AC servo control movements, stacking smoothly and tidily.
5. Automatic paperboard side delivery when reach the setting quantity.
6. Paperboard dam controlled by AC servo system, change order automatic and fast, suitable for small size paperboard stacking.
7. Standard electric transport conveyor and double side delivery table.
8. Individually sealed control cabinet, electrical running in clean environment.
9. Color touch-screen display for easy field operation.
10. Fully automatic operation control, improve efficiency, save manpower, reduce labor intensity.

10.Glue Making System
1, Supply the glue for the single facers and double glue machine which use glue water
2, The glue in the glue storage tank are transported by the glue pump to the device.
3, The storage tank and glue supply tank are with mix device, to avoid the glue becoming into the sediment.
4, Glue making device: Main Glue mixer, Vice Glue Mixer, Glue storage tank, glue feeding pump, glue return pump.
5, Glue making system adopts the recycle glue supplying, the rest glue returns back, the liquid level is auto controlled by floating ball, the glue from the return tank is transported to the tanks of each glue using device, to make the functions of the recycle and saving be true, and avoid the glue becoming into the sediment.
6, After the work finished, rest glue of each glue using devices are draw to the glue return storage tank to prepare for the next time using.
7, Responsible for technique guidance, and glue making way.

11.Steam System
Structure & Features:
1, To supply the heating energy for the various heating parts of the line, and keep the working temperature steady.
2, Each groups are deigned to be single steam supply system, temperature control by separately, energy saving and adjust conveniently.
3, Temperature controlled by adjusting the steam pressure, and with pressure gauge.
4, To long the using line of the rotary joints, the pipe system and rotary heating parts are connected by metal flexible pipe to realize the flexible connection
5, All the steam pipes are made of seamless steel pipe, to make sure the safety under the normal pressure.

Box process:

3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price
Factory Manufacture Process:
3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price
3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price

Delivery Pictures:
3 5 Layer Corrugated Box Making Machine Price

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